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Find Out How to Make Your Home Spotless

Sham Sparkle Inc. thinks that a clean home is important for your health and happiness. Our team has been cleaning homes for more than four years and is dedicated to giving you the best cleaning services that not only meet your needs but also go above and beyond them. We serve a wide area, from the busy city of Toronto to the quiet neighborhoods of Oakville, making sure that your home gets the sparkling touch it needs

Our regular cleaning service: where quality meets attention to detail

The Standard Cleaning service from Sham Sparkle Inc. is carefully made to make your home a clean and peaceful haven. Our trained team uses eco-friendly products and the most up-to-date methods to clean every part of your home. You can get an idea of what our Standard Cleaning includes here:

Living rooms and bedrooms: a clean balance

Empty Trash: The bins will no longer be crowded. First, we get rid of all the trash, which makes your rooms smell new.

Make Beds: We carefully make your beds so they look clean and friendly.

Wipe and Dust: Picture frames and lamps are wiped and dusted to make them shine.

Organization: We set up your rooms so they look neat and put together.

Clean the floors by vacuuming and cleaning to get rid of dirt and grime.

Kitchen: A New Look at the Heart of Your Home

We make sure that your kitchen starts off clean by taking out the trash.

Care for Cabinets: All cabinets on the outside are cleaned, removing fingerprints and spills.

Cleaning Mirrors: All of the mirrors are cleaned so that they shine without any streaks, making the room feel bigger and brighter.

equipment: The outside of your kitchen equipment is cleaned very well so they shine.

Kitchen Sinks and counters: To get rid of germs and stains, sinks are scrubbed and counters, including backsplashes, are cleaned.

Bathrooms: A Cleanhaven for People

Sanitary Spaces: We make sure your bathroom is clean and germ-free by scrubbing the shower/tub and the toilet.

For a nice look and to keep germs from building up, keep your sink and mirror clean.

Mopping the floors and wiping down the tables will make your bathroom look and feel clean.

All Other Public Areas: Cared for in every corner

Whole House Cleaning: We clean all the common areas, like halls and entryways, so that your whole house feels better after Sham Sparkle’s touch.

A Promise to Do Our Best

When you hire Sham Sparkle Inc. to clean your home, you’re putting it in the hands of people who really care. We chose our eco-friendly methods and products with the health and safety of your family and the world in mind. We want your home cleaning experience to be smooth and stress-free, so we offer flexible scheduling and put customer happiness first.

We get real results and smiles.

Listen to our happy customers who have brought the Sham Sparkle difference into their homes:

“Sham Sparkle Inc. has made my house look brand new.” No one else pays as much attention to detail as they do in every room. It’s never been better to come home to a clean space. – Linda from Mississauga

They look brand new, and I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing they were cleaned in an eco-friendly way. “Sham Sparkle changes everything.” – Kevin from Toronto

Feel the difference at Sham Sparkle

Your clean home is only a phone call away.

With Sham Sparkle Inc., it’s easy to make your home cleaner and healthy. 

To begin, follow these steps:

Get in Touch: Get in touch with us to talk about your cleaning needs. Our team is ready to make a cleaning plan that is just right for you.

Set up your service: Choose a time that works for your busy schedule. Our professional cleaners will show up ready to make your place look brand new.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Home: You can now enjoy the comfort of a clean home, knowing that every detail has been taken care of.

Deal of the Day: Because we want to give you the best deal possible, we’re giving you a discount on your first Standard Cleaning service. Find out what makes Sham Sparkle different and turn your home into a clean haven.

Sham Sparkle Inc. can make your home shine.

At Sham Sparkle Inc., we don’t just clean homes; we improve people’s lives by giving families clean, healthy places to live. Our Standard Cleaning service is the basis of a clean home because it is very thorough and doesn’t miss any spots.

Sign up for Sham Sparkle today to get your home cleaner and better. Let us show you why Sham Sparkle Inc. is the best choice for house cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area. We are dedicated to quality, being eco-friendly, and making sure our customers are happy.



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