Post-Renovation Cleaning

Welcome to your freshly cleaned space with Sham Sparkle Inc.’s post-renovation cleaning service.

Enjoy your renovation without having to worry about cleaning up.

While renovations can give your home or business a new lease on life, they often leave behind a layer of dust and dirt that hides the beauty of your changes. Sham Sparkle Inc. specializes in cleaning up after renovations. They carefully get rid of all traces of the work, so you can enjoy the results of your makeover without having to worry about cleaning up.


Why Our Post-Renovation Cleaning Service Is Important Show off the Real Beauty of Your Renovation


When you’re done updating your space, you should be able to enjoy it without having to deal with the leftovers of the remodeling. Our cleaning service after a remodeling includes:

  • Thorough Dust Removal: We carefully remove dust from all surfaces, even walls, ceilings, and hard-to-reach spots, making sure your space is free of allergens.
  • Debris Cleanup: Our team gets rid of any building waste and other debris quickly and thoroughly, leaving your area safe and clean.
  • Cleaning Every Part: We make sure that every part of your newly restored space shines by scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens and polishing windows and floors.
  • Pay attention to safety: places that have been renovated can be dangerous. Our trained professionals know how to clean up and get rid of building waste in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.
  • What Makes Sham Sparkle Unique: A cleaner finish to your renovation project Expertise and speed all in one

You can trust Sham Sparkle Inc. to clean up after your renovation because they know how to handle the details of building clean-up. Our professionals use the most up-to-date cleaning tools and eco-friendly materials to not only clean but also protect the areas you just fixed up. We take joy in our attention to detail and dedication to making sure our customers are happy. We will make sure that your space is not only clean but also refreshed.

Thanks to our happy clients

The response from our clients shows how committed we are to doing a great job cleaning up after renovations:

“Sham Sparkle Inc. was there to do the huge cleanup after a major kitchen remodel.” They cleaned up my kitchen so we could start using our new room right away. – Maria from Toronto

“Sham Sparkle made our office look better after we fixed it up.” Their thorough cleaning made our new office feel like it was never used, so we could get back to work right away. – Alex from Brampton

Are You Ready to Enjoy Your New Room?

Cleaning that is seamless for a perfect finish

After you remodel your home or office, Sham Sparkle Inc.’s Post-Renovation Cleaning service will help you see all of its beauty:

  • Get in touch: Tell us about the work you need done and how much cleaning you need. We’re here to help you find the best way to clean.
  • Plan when you will clean: Choose a time that works for you. Our team will show up with everything they need to clean up your space.
  • Enjoy your newly renovated space: Once you’re done cleaning up and renovating an area, you can enjoy the changes without having to deal with any of the mess or dust that comes with it.
  • Deal of the Day: We’re giving you a special deal on your first Post-Renovation Cleaning service to celebrate the remodel. Have Sham Sparkle Inc. finish off your home improvement job.

Come clean and feel good with Sham Sparkle Inc.

It’s more than just a cleaning service when Sham Sparkle Inc. does your post-makeover cleaning. It’s the last step in your renovation process. With our special cleaning methods, we’ll make sure that every surface in your newly remodeled space is clean, shiny, and ready for you to use. We make sure that your remodeling experience is great from start to finish by using eco-friendly cleaning products, knowing how to clean up after renovations, and always putting the customer first.

You can trust Sham Sparkle Inc. to give your space the thorough cleaning it needs after renovations. Get in touch with us right away to set up your service and begin the process of making your space cleaner and more fun.



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